I grew up in New York City and Buenos Aires. A city kid. Often exploring and with a sketchbook in hand. Or in an art class: drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, and more drawing. Raised by architects, there were lessons in planning and design, trips to renowned buildings, and visits to construction sites. I took a turn at law and politics. Studied political science, worked on Capitol Hill, went to law school, joined a big law firm, and traveled the globe. Then my husband and I bought and renovated our 1925 Wardman home in Washington DC. Along the way, I helped friends and family design their spaces. And now this. Taking all the passion and creativity of that city kid, along with the precision of an attorney, to make a home for families like yours. 



These days this little lady inspires me.  Why? Because more than anyone I know she looks and notices. She detects and inspects. She evaluates and collects (and collects and collects--but that's another story). She touches and feels. And she finds the beauty. In shells. In leaves. Sticks. Rocks (SO many rocks). Rainbows. Puddles. Bugs. She even found a four leaf clover in our tiny front yard!  And all her looking and finding has made me start looking and finding more too.  To see the beauty in objects and the spaces around us.  And then to make them welcoming, comfortable, functional, and cozy for our family to enjoy together.