The Process (Generally!)

Each home, family, room is unique (no news there!). So the steps we’ll take to transform your space will be unique too!  We will work together to make your home look and feel like you. But, to give you a general sense of how we’ll get there, here’s a look at our road map:

1. Where do we start?

So where do we begin?  With me listening to you.  I’ll ask lots of questions: who  is going to use t

Me listening to you!  What do YOU want from your space?  Who will spend time here?  Got pets? Kids? What needs to stay? Grandma’s antiques? Let’s talk!

2. To the drawing board


I’ll thoroughly measure your space and come back with a few concept space plan options for us to talk about.  

3. In virtual


Looking at the space plan in 3D allows us to better understand what your room will feel like.  Once we have a space concept, we’ll consider who else needs to come on board: painter, contractor, carpenter, architect, etc.

4. Feeling the mood


Next, we’ll take a look at a few mood board options to get a style or look going.  We’ll chat and tweak to get it just right.

5. Shop time


I’ll provide you links to each piece so you can purchase directly from stores you know and love (and some new ones!).  Like the look but not the price?  Let’s find something comparable!

6. Finishing touches


Every house needs its little touches that turn it into a home, from pillows to plants.  We can shop together or I’ll bring in some options.  Are you thinking, “What if I ONLY need help with finishing details?” Cool, we can do that too!